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“David Cameron made the referendum polic…

“David Cameron made the referendum policy because he didn’t want to risk losing 10-15 sears to UKIP. And look where it’s got us. This has always been because of the Tory party playing party politics with issues that are going to be huge generational changes for all of us… This is all caused by a party putting itself first before the country it is trying to govern.”

21 months after the Grenfell fire:

21 months after the Grenfell fire:

  • 354 buildings still have flammable cladding in England
  • 176 high-rise buildings in London have still not removed the Grenfell-style cladding.
  • Grenfell bosses received more than £90k and housing staff £131k in bonuses, while some households STILL do not have permanent homes.

There’s STILL no #Justice4Grenfell

We need a General Election and to finally vote the Tories out.


ALSO i was in parliament a couple weeks ago and the independent group went to a seminar room after i left it. anna soubry and i made intense eye contact and chuka umunna is shorter than he looks on tv


also i had afternoon tea in the house of lords the other day for a bursary thing (yeah i know what the actual fuck am i doing) and held hands with baroness kennedy but i couldn’t tell who was holding whose hand and it was just an all round weird situation



Theresa May, standing in a brewery, frantically googling “how to organise a piss up”



Theresa May in 2017: No deal is better than a bad deal.

Theresa May in 2019: No Brexit or bad deal.



Sometimes it IS fun to be living through a massive constitutional crisis



Theresa May: Having a second referendum would be undemoncratic

Theresa May: *tries to get Parliament to vote for a third time on the same deal, despite suffering the two biggest parliamentary defeats in history the last two times*

The Speaker: You can’t do that, it breaks parliamentary convention

Theresa May:


so brexit…. huh