Okay so I cant find anything about this on tumblr being shown but I was just ranting about this earlier.

Letters above have been dropped in peoples homes in England announcing a “Punish a Muslim Day” for the 3rd April, and the contents of it is really disgusting and frankly horrifying. Clearly by the introduction of the letter you can tell these have been created and distributed by far right white supremacist groups.

The letter shows a table of scores given for each hate crime, such as pulling the headscarf off a Muslim woman, burning or bombing a mosque, throwing acid, torturing, as well as verbal abuse. The highest score is ‘nuking Mecca’.

Please spread this round, because this should be causing a global outrage. It’s already been covered by various news outlets in the UK, including Pakistani news channels making it a prominent headline. Muslim families are calling in scared and worried that they should stay indoors on the day, Muslim communities are fearing their lives.