Howard Zinn: Whether you call yourself a total…

Howard Zinn: Whether you call yourself a totalitarian state or
you call yourself a democracy, it works the same way, and that is, the
leaders of the country are able to cajole or coerce and entice the
people into war by scaring them, telling them they’re in danger, and
threatening them and coercing them, that if they don’t go along, they
will be considered unpatriotic. And this is what really happened in this
country right after 9/11. And this happened right after Bush raised
the specter of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

But the question
is, how did they get away with it? What about the press? What about the
media? Isn’t it the job of the press, isn’t it the job of the media,
isn’t it the job of journalism to expose what governments do? You
remember when Colin Powell appeared before the United Nations just
before the onset of the Iraq war and laid out to the UN this litany of
weaponry that Iraq possessed, according to him, and gave great details
in how many canisters of this and how many tons of this, and so on and
so forth. And the next day, the press was just aglow with praise. They
didn’t do their job of questioning. They didn’t do their job of asking,
“Where? What is your evidence? Where did you get this intelligence? Who
did you talk to? What are your sources?” [x]