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This is like when ‘pacifists’ demanded that America not bomb Auschwitz during WWII because people might die. The hypocrisy of the Leftists is only matched by their stupidity. Go read Harry Potter and dream of magical unicorns.

i can’t believe you have the gall the call me stupid and talk about bombing auschwitz in the same sentence. bombing auschwitz would have only ended with more jewish, LGBT+, disabled, rromani, etc., casualties, because the nazi guards on duty at the concentration camps were not higher up officials. the higher up officials were in bunkers designed to save them from bomb attacks. i visited a concentration camp last year – there were no fancy offices for himmler or any of his subordinates there. 

furthermore, the comparison with WWII is completely inaccurate. WWII took place in the last years of the modern era – we are now in the technological era. WWII was the last hurrah of conventional troops. modern day hi-tech wars of attrition are completely useless in protecting civilians, mostly because the methods only work to alienate civilians.  

if you want to educate yourself on how bombing campaigns work (which i doubt you do), read up on the vietnam war and operation rolling thunder in particular. it didn’t work. (access to history: the usa and vietnam 1945-75 is pretty consistent). 

in conclusion: don’t @ me on shit