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whilst we’re on the topic of chemical weapons, i’d like to remind you that tear gas (which is used all the time by police,especially in america) is a chemical weapon. the 1993 chemical weapons convention doesn’t apply to domestic law enforcement.makes ya think🤔

The US is and has always been one of the world’s most hypocritical nations.

Communism is bad! (When it benefits the people – when it benefits our corporations that’s another story)”

Third World countries are sexist! (The wage gap, sexualization of women and girls by the media, the fact we have no women on our currency, the fact we have never had a female president, and the fact we only give  the father’s surname to our children doesn’t count)”

Third World countries are dangerous desolate hellholes which everyone wants to escape to move to our utopian country! (The fact we have at least 1 mass shooting a day and 31% of the world’s mass shooters despite being only 5% of the world population is irrelevant)”

We’re the greatest democracy on Earth! (Even though we only have 2 parties and well over 4 million law-abiding people aren’t allowed to vote, including 20,000 of our soldiers, nor can people who have been convicted of a crime vote)”

Independence! Eff yeah! (Except when it doesn’t benefit us and anyhow, it’s our God-given right to take over everything.)”

We have a separation of church and state! (Except for that part where we only have Christian national holidays, have ‘In God we trust’ on our money, have the words ‘one nation under God’ in our creepy flag allegiance pledge, have  politicians who argue certain things should be illegal because Bible, etc)”