In 2016 – following the Conservative Party’s …

In 2016 – following
the Conservative Party’s ‘disgusting’ London mayoral campaign the
Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) called for an urgent investigation into
Islamophobia within the Tory Party.

The MCB said at the time:

“Just as the Labour Party is
rightly conducting an inquiry into antisemitism, it is important for the
Conservative Party to reflect upon the extent of Islamophobia in its
own ranks. We should have zero tolerance for both antisemitism and

Not only did the BBC fail to report on
the MCB’s demand for an inquiry, the subsequent lack of
pressure from the British media enabled the Tories to get away with
ignoring the calls for an inquiry.

And now, following a ridiculous
amount of Tory candidates, members and Councillors being suspended for
anti-Muslim comments and abuse, as well as Baroness Warsi’s incredible
admission last week that there are now “weekly occurrences of
Islamophobic incidents“ within the Conservative Party, the MCB have
reiterated their call for an urgent inquiry into Islamophobia within the

All forms of racism need to be stamped
out, and the only way we will be able to achieve this is by treating
all forms of hatred with equal disgust and equal prominence – by calling
it out wherever it occurs and by whoever it is perpetrated by. [x]