Melanie Phillips claims: “There [is] no equiva…

Melanie Phillips claims: “There [is] no equivalence between anti-Semitism and
Islamophobia. The former was a deranged demonisation of a people; the
latter was used to shut down debate.”The idea that Islamophobia is an entirely made-up concept specifically
designed to “silence legitimate criticism” misses the very real effects
of Islamophobia worldwide. In London there were 1,678 anti-Muslim hate
crimes committed in 2017, up 40 per cent from the year before. In March 2018, letters were sent
out in some cities announcing “Punish a Muslim” day. Sadiq Khan,
London’s mayor, has received an extraordinary and deplorable number of death threats for his Muslim faith.

While anti-Semitism is deeply pervasive, it is not the only type of
bigotry that exists. It is obviously possible to make a legitimate
critique of Islamist extremism or the behaviour of some Islamist or
Muslim-majority nations without resorting to Islamophobia. Similarly, it
is obviously possible to make a legitimate critique of the behaviour of
the state of Israel without resorting to anti-Semitism or anti-Semitic

Obviously, anti-Semitism is pernicious and still extant across many
communities, and some of its perpetrators are Muslims, just as many
perpetrators of Islamophobia, or misogyny or other types of racism are
Christians or Jews. [x]