“Jonathan Arkush has never spoken for me, nor …

“Jonathan Arkush has never spoken for me, nor for many other young,
progressive Jews. He certainly does not speak for me today. I’ve had the
honour of working closely with Jeremy Corbyn, one of the most
principled people in politics.

As a former member of the Jewish
Leadership Council Board, I can’t be dismissed as as someone on the
fringes of the Jewish community, as many of my friends and comrades

Arkush’s claims are entirely without foundation. The
evidence he cites? Jeremy’s criticisms of the actions of the Israeli

Mr Arkush’s conflation of antisemitism with criticisms of the Israeli
government undermines the fight against antisemitism and distracts us
from challenging this evil in our society.

But this isn’t to say
that antisemitism doesn’t exist within the Labour Party. It does and
Jeremy made his commitment to eliminating it absolutely clear.

working group has been reviewing party procedures to identify how they
can be made more efficient and robust. Our new General Secretary Jennie
Formby reported on our work at the last National Executive Committee
meeting, which was received positively. I look forward to bringing our
final recommendations.

When I have faced antisemitism, whether
within or outside of our movement, Jeremy has been an ally, Jennie has
been an ally, as have many other Labour comrades.

Jonathan Arkush wants to see antisemitism eliminated, he should be
working with us to achieve that, instead of making outrageous personal

Anyone who knows, has met, or worked with Jeremy Corbyn, as I have,
knows that he does not have a prejudicial bone in his body, and is
utterly committed to tackling antisemitism, as he is all forms of
discrimination and oppression, which he has fought against all his life.

commitment to Labour is unwavering and I am proud of the work that
Jeremy is doing to tackle antisemitism in politics and wider society.” – Rhea Wolfson