The young workers involved on the picket lines…

The young workers involved on the picket lines are passionate and well
informed. They are tuned into party politics, appreciate the wider
labour movement they are becoming a part of and give confident speeches
to the public to that effect. There is a clear ethos of collective
action: as Shen Batmaz – former McStriker, now BFAWU organiser – told
us: “This has been about working together, helping each other, to make
things better.”

It began in the US with Fight for $15, but the determined cooperation
between unions representing workers in similar positions has brought
that fight to the UK. Online and offline, workers and trade unions are
developing a model that can be replicated and expanded across different
industries and in different countries. And while it’s important to
celebrate the small victories, the lasting success of these campaigns
may be the fact that a new generation of young people are joining unions
and throwing themselves into campaigning for their rights.