anyway a lot of you need to stop thinking of being poor as “living in disgusting conditions, being loud and brash, being stupid” etc etc because I see it even in leftist circles.

you probably – a lot of the time – wouldn’t be able to pick a poor family out of a crowd of people. we have clean clothes, our hair looks passable, we don’t live in a shack. we sound no different to a working class family that does reasonably well for themselves.

that’s not to say the explotivite rent doesn’t place people in hideous conditions, and that sometimes we don’t look scruffy or get angry, but so many people supposed to be on our side purposely or unwittingly make classist, ableist caricatures of us and basing any activism or direct action on that is setting yourself up for failure.

like…to the ruling classes you’re no different to the dickensian “poor” character you have in your head of a guy drawing his jsa money to buy drugs and shout. that doesn’t change just because you’ve read marx.