theresa may/jeremy corbyn fanfic reviews

ask and you shall recieve

installment one 6/8/18


-says may is a vampire hunter while corbyn is the vampire – out of character, may is obviously related to count dracula. bram stoker would tell you so.

-dodgy grammar.

-“Jeremy laughed at her justification, telling her, “Is that why you constantly eye fuck me during PMQs?” – this took 10 years off my life

-paints jez as a dom – i love him but he’s blatantly a bottom

-corbyn!!! eats her out!!!!

-would have been a 10/10 if it didn’t kill me on the spot

-weirdly informal third person

-spends a lot of time going over GE2017 – i think it’s safe to say if they’re reading a jez/may fanfic, they know about the election

-jez immediately slides in and slips his hand up her skirt what the fuuuuuck

-feel like this was turning into rape so i stopped reading, immediate 0/10. i’m not linking.


-the OG

-bad grammar

-some fucking Amazing one liners – “i’ve turned red as your party!”

-weird song lyrics

-ends with the words “never to be seen again” which is exactly what i want in a jeremy corbyn/theresa may fanfic



-says jez has a geography teacher stare which is scarily accurate

-weird speech thoughts with bad grammar

-“you socalist minx!”

-maybe jez should be flirting with may in order to get a soft brexit.



-may refers to farage as a “lizard faced man” and to trump as a “bloody cheeto” – ooc because irl she licks their bums. plus cheeto??? in the uk???

-too much boring monologuing.

-describes jez as having “many sexual conquests”. u right.

-basically sexy twister.

-“”It’s pinkish-brown.” Jeremy said as he stared into the Prime Minister’s clitoris.” why

-so much theresa may backstory. i don’t care that she has a geography degree.

-literally the least sexy smut i’d ever read.

-2/10. would have been 3/10 if trump had been described as a wotsit.

to be continued