I'm not Muslim myself, and Boris Johnson …

I'm not Muslim myself, and Boris Johnson has said plenty of racist, tasteless things. But I fail to see how his burka comments are racist. Islamophobic, yes, but then as a feminist I dislike the ideological reasoning for the burka, and I don't think I'm a bigot for feeling that way. I see dislike for the burka as a logical extension of my dislike for purity culture. I was raised by evangelical Christians, and to be blunt, I think it's the same misogynistic shit, different arsehole.

the bottom line is: women being forced to wear the burqa? wrong. women choosing to wear the burqa as part of their face? part of their freedom of religious expression. as a christian, no one would criticise me in this way for choosing to wear a habit, hence the islamophobia. women must ALWAYS have the right to express themselves through whichever clothing they wish.

the reasoning he gave is also pathetic – he said that no women should be forced to hide their natural beauty. in this case, shouldn’t he also be criticising makeup companies?

i choose to physically express myself through makeup, whereas some women choose to express themselves through wearing the burqa. as long as these are choices that we have made, it’s our right.