the political spectrum even shifting an inch t…

the political spectrum even shifting an inch to the left results in these headlines.

history repeats itself: “The Truman administration, however, presented the Soviet

Union as not just a rival but an immediate threat. In a series of moves

abroad and at home, it established a climate of fear–a hysteria about

Communism–which would steeply escalate the military budget and stimulate

the economy with war-related orders. This combination of policies would

permit more aggressive actions abroad, more repressive actions at home… The left had become very influential in the hard times of the thirties,

and during the war against Fascism. The actual membership of the Communist

party was not large-fewer than 100,000 probably-but it was a potent force

in trade unions numbering millions of members, in the arts, and among countless

Americans who may have been led by the failure of the capitalist system

in the thirties to look favorably on Communism and Socialism. Thus, if

the Establishment, after World War 2, was to make capitalism more secure

in the country, and to build a consensus of support for the American Empire,

it had to weaken and isolate the left.” – Howard Zinn