I just find it so fucking frustrating that Labour and Corbyn is being hounded with accusations of antisemitism by the media left and right, because even though they had the IHRA definition of antisemitism in their party policy on racism, they didn’t include all 11 examples (because of a fear that one of them could potentially curb legitimate criticism of Israel) until yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Conservative party rulebook doesn’t have anything about the IHRA definition besides a tiny footnote that says ‘obvs includes IHRA definition’ alongside their pitifully short section on discrimination. A footnote that was only hastily added very recently, after they jumped on the bandwagon of Labour-bashing and used legitimate concerns about antisemitism to play politics.

Corbyn is hounded left and right for meeting or being friendly with anybody who has ever been accused of antisemitism. Meanwhile Blaire just met with a far-right foreign leader who said that Romani people need to be ‘cleansed from the streets’, but I don’t see any centrists criticising their beloved ‘real Labour’ leader. Theresa May insists on maintaining a very good and very friendly relationship with Saudi Arabia and meeting with their leaders, several high-profile Tory ministers literally dressed up as Nazis for a fancy dress party and thought it was hilarious, and Tory Cabinet ministers have literally met with Steve fucking Bannon, actual, well-known white supremacist.

And I’ve yet to hear a single accusation by any mainstream media outlet of antisemitism (or racism at all) in the Tory party. It’s so hypocritical it hurts.

Fucking hell, Boris Johnson – Tory cabinet minister and our actual honest-to-God Foreign Secretary recently said that women who wear Hijabs look like ‘letterboxes or terrorists’ and that story lasted a couple of days, while anything Corbyn does is analysed, re-analysed, picked apart, dissected, re-examined, debated each night, and ruthlessly criticised for weeks on end.