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If you care about UK Politics and Brexit, you’re going to want to listen to all the audio clips in this thread of the Canadian Parliament’s committee looking into Aggregate IQ which was directly involved with groups funding support for Brexit, and which was found to be in violation of electoral financial laws.

Aggregate IQ is a Canadian company, hence why they’re being investigated by the Canadian Government.

Full thread:

The MP’s speaking are:

Charlie Angus (NDP), Frank Baylis (Liberal), Raj Saini (Liberal), Peter Kent (Conservative) and Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Liberal).

The general reaction from this thread seems to be that the British Press is not covering this committees findings at all, and that some of this is big news on the scandal.

If anyone knows any prominent UK bloggers or UK politics blogs on tumblr, feel free to tag them in this post.

This seems important, and I’d like this to have as wide an audience as possible.

I’m seeing very little about this online. Even on twitter the only way I found out about this is because the NDP MP, Charlie Angus retweeted the thread from the OP (and I doubt many people in the UK are following individual Canadian Politicians like Angus). I follow a fair amount of political British people on my personal twitter and haven’t seen this anywhere, and as I said, neither the British or Canadian mainstream media appears to be covering this.