An investigative report revealed that Sheryl S…

An investigative report revealed that Sheryl Sandberg hired Republican operative Joel Kaplan, who pushed for a
hands-off “free speech” approach on Facebook while trolls planted conspiracy
theories that rapidly spread across the platform. Sandberg also allied
with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, who raked in donations from
the company while cajoling his own caucus to lay off interrogating its

Sandberg’s book, Lean In, hit the market in 2013 with Gloria Steinem’s
endorsement and a social-media campaign featuring Beyoncé. Sandberg preached practical
solutions to navigating systemic bias in the corporate world. Her basic premise was that “more
women in power” was good for all women and, by extension, the world.

As black feminist theorist bell hooks put it in a critique of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg’s feminism is built on working within the social and economic status quo, not dismantling it as feminist movements have long demanded.

The abuse of vulnerable communities to ensure one’s own success, happily wielding the status quo’s most violent and harmful tendencies against the most vulnerable, is the signature of the corporate ruthlessness Sandberg has long sold as a form of feminist empowerment.