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politicalsci 2018-06-23 15:10:22

“People have been charmed and manipulated in a…

“People have been charmed and manipulated in a
concerted effort to undermine Labour by trying to take the youth support
away from Corbyn.

The main people funding them hate the idea of an anti-austerity,
pro-peacebuilding democratic socialist government more than they hate
Tory Brexit because the former will see a great many gravy trains hit
the buffers.

They know full well that a “People’s Vote” at this stage would achieve
nothing except to drive a wedge in the opposition & make Labour
unelectable. They know full well if Labour came out full-on for Remain
the Tories would reap all the Leave constituencies and stay in power.

The only way we can stop hard Brexit is by getting the Tories out of government and implementing Labour’s manifesto promises.

Tories do what they do. Even the most “centrist” of Tories will take
May’s Hard Brexit over the risk of not being in government any more. Many centrist Labour
MPs will take May’s Hard Brexit over a Corbyn government.”

politicalsci 2018-06-16 15:20:46

The Tories aren’t interested in fixing Univer…

The Tories aren’t interested in fixing Universal Credit because it is doing what the Conservative government designed it to do; punish the poor for their own poverty.

This is why voting the Tories out is so important. The Tories will continue implementing their cruel policies as long as they are in government and regardless of who is their leader or what happens with Brexit.

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for centrists and blairites, brexit has unfort…

for centrists and blairites, brexit has unfortunately just become another way to undermine the labour left and jeremy corbyn because now even discussing lgbt rights, poverty, and justice for grenfell are seen as “distractions”. jeremy corbyn just tweeted about brexit four hours ago, but for blairites nothing will ever be enough.

centrists and blairites don’t care about tory austerity because they’ve never been affected by the suffering it’s caused. they would rather have a conservative government (which will continue neoliberal austerity and deliver the worst possible brexit deal) than have a leftist leader like jeremy corbyn become prime minister.

centrists and blairites know that focusing solely on brexit and ignoring the current horrific policies of the tory government will help keep the conservatives in power. they don’t care.