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The Movement for Black Lives stands with the P…

The Movement for Black Lives stands with the Palestinian people and
especially those in Gaza, that have been engaging in resistance at the
Gaza border.

As we watched the brutal attacks on these brave activists
which continued during and after the opening of the U.S. embassy in
Jerusalem, we were painfully reminded of what happens when Black people,
here in the U.S., decide to resist. We know that the United States
government sends the same weapons to Tel Aviv as it sends to Ferguson,
and hundreds of other cities across the country. We know that police
officers in the United States learn the tactics of war from Israeli
police forces, who come annually to train U.S. officers in methods of
oppression, surveillance and murder. We understand that we are connected
to the Palestinian people by our shared demand for recognition and
justice and our long histories of displacement, discrimination and

We categorically condemn the mass murder of Palestinians whose only
crime was taking acts of moral resistance to life under occupation. We
join them in calling for an end to the illegal blockade on Gaza which
has allowed for the sealing off of its borders, trapping 2 million
residents in an open air prison.

We also demand an end to the over 3 billion US taxpayer dollars that
are sent to Israel to purchase military arms from U.S. corporations that
are used on Palestinians.

We stand on the side of those fighting for the freedom of Black people, Palestinians and oppressed people all around the world.

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W.E.B Du Bois argues that the ideology of whit…

W.E.B Du Bois argues that the ideology of white supremacy prevented black and white workers from uniting as a class, to the detriment of both. The result of this was that the wages of both could be kept low by the capitalist ruling class. [x]