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That the establishment media and centrist/righ…

That the establishment media and centrist/right-wing politicians still give any credence to Tony Blair or his views about the Labour Party says a lot about them. Fortunately the general public doesn’t take this same view.

A reminder:

The Blairites coalition with Tories who voted …

The Blairites coalition with Tories who voted for cut after cut is an attempt to prevent an anti-austerity Labour government.

The new group of MPs just said that if Labour table a motion
of no confidence in Theresa May to trigger an election & block a No-Deal Brexit that they would refuse to vote against Theresa May. This
new party is propping up the Tories as they stumble towards a No-Deal. That’s their aim.

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Another reminder that Jeremy Corbyn was the on…


Another reminder that Jeremy Corbyn was the only Labour leadership candidate to vote against austerity and the Welfare Bill. 184 Blairite/Centrist/right-wing Labour MPs chose not to vote against the Tories’ cuts. These are the same people who have spent the majority of their time bemoaning the left-wing gaining power back within the Labour Party and continually undermining the twice democratically elected leader of opposition. They would rather continue Tory austerity than have a left-wing Labour government.


Austerity has always been a political choice that dehumanizes the poor and punishes them for their poverty. Until the Tory government is voted out and a transformative left-wing Labour government is elected, these policies will continue (and that is regardless of what happens with Brexit).

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