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“Ilhan Omar is being attacked for anti-semitis…

“Ilhan Omar is being attacked for anti-semitism that she never
expressed… I’m Jewish, you’re Jewish, we’ve fought against anti-semitism
for years in the context of fighting against white supremacy and
racism. But this isn’t about what she said, it’s about who she is. It’s
about the fact that she is a Muslim African woman, a Somalian refugee,
who is talking about Palestinian rights, the power of the Israel lobby,
and the big pharma lobby, and the lobby for fossil fuels. That’s why
she’s facing death threats and why she’s not getting any support from
the Democratic leadership.”

Phyllis Bennis, Jewish Voice For Peace




The Blairites coalition with Tories who voted …

The Blairites coalition with Tories who voted for cut after cut is an attempt to prevent an anti-austerity Labour government.

The new group of MPs just said that if Labour table a motion
of no confidence in Theresa May to trigger an election & block a No-Deal Brexit that they would refuse to vote against Theresa May. This
new party is propping up the Tories as they stumble towards a No-Deal. That’s their aim.

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Anna Soubry voted along with the Tories to imp…

Anna Soubry voted along with the Tories to implement austerity, the economic policy that resulted in Brexit and the death and suffering of the most vulnerable. A new “centrist” party isn’t about stopping the Tories or Brexit, it has always been about stopping a transformational Left Labour Government from gaining power.