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it’s no coincidence that the same centrist/rig…

it’s no coincidence that the same centrist/right-wing politicians criticising jeremy corbyn for visiting children in a palestinian refugee camp are also the people who voted to invade iraq and bomb syria, whilst helping to push through the austerity that led to brexit in the first place.

voting the tories out and ending austerity should be the priority. focusing on a second referendum that does not have enough electoral support is only going to ensure the tories remain in power indefinitely and make a no-deal brexit more likely. which perhaps is exactly what neoliberal centrists and right-wingers would prefer, since undermining any future leftist labour government has remained their priority from the moment jeremy corbyn was democratically elected leader twice by the party membership.

for them, the tories continued austerity will never affect their lives but a leftist labour government would mean they could no longer ride the neoliberal gravy train.

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CENTRISM 101:Adolph Reed Jr., First Published …


Adolph Reed Jr., First Published in The Village Voice, Nov. 12, 1996

Their lapdog defense
of Big Bill highlights liberals’ willingness to sacrifice the poor and
to tout it as tough-minded compassion and an act of courage. Even before
Clinton won the Democratic nomination in 1992 this trait was visible,
especially among those policy-jock types who had begun to sense the
possibility of a Clinton victory and their impending opportunity to
consort with power. I got my wake-up call from a poverty-researcher
colleague who, on the eve of the Illinois primary, impatiently dismissed
my objections to Clinton’s having just executed black, impoverished,
and brain-damaged Rickey Ray Rector. She blew me off as naive for not
recognizing that any Democrat who hoped to win the presidency would have
to support capital punishment. “Easy for you to say,” I thought, but,
regrettably, was too polite to say out loud…

I’m sure that these good liberals would have explained away their
participation in that dehumanizing characterization as a strategic move;
their intention being the advancement of humane social policy within an
unfavorable political climate. However, their behavior exposes a deeper
truth about the political commitments on which this strain of
liberalism rests: This is a politics motivated by the desire for
proximity to the ruling class and a belief in the basic legitimacy of
its power and prerogative. It is a politics which, despite all its
idealist puffery and feigned nobility, will sell out any allies or
egalitarian objectives in pursuit of gaining the Prince’s ear.

for centrists and blairites, brexit has unfort…

for centrists and blairites, brexit has unfortunately just become another way to undermine the labour left and jeremy corbyn because now even discussing lgbt rights, poverty, and justice for grenfell are seen as “distractions”. jeremy corbyn just tweeted about brexit four hours ago, but for blairites nothing will ever be enough.

centrists and blairites don’t care about tory austerity because they’ve never been affected by the suffering it’s caused. they would rather have a conservative government (which will continue neoliberal austerity and deliver the worst possible brexit deal) than have a leftist leader like jeremy corbyn become prime minister.

centrists and blairites know that focusing solely on brexit and ignoring the current horrific policies of the tory government will help keep the conservatives in power. they don’t care.

In 2002, twelve years after Margaret Thatcher…

In 2002,
twelve years after Margaret Thatcher left office, she was asked at a
dinner what was her greatest achievement. Thatcher  replied: “Tony Blair and New Labour.“


as the political spectrum continues to move fu…

as the political spectrum continues to move further and further to the right, a reminder that the labour mp jo cox was murdered by a man who had links to the far-right and believed leftists were the cause of the world’s problems. let’s also remember that the far-right terrorist who carried out the finsbury park attack wanted to assassinate jeremy corbyn.

meanwhile we have conservatives and centrists arguing that the so-called “hard-left” are dangerous because they want to protect the nhs from privatisation, want to stop the suffering of poor and disabled people because of cuts and austerity, and want to support policies that would end a rigged economic system that allows the 1% to hide their money away in tax havens whilst social
services crumble due to underfunding and a cruel conservative government.