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we’ve gone from the establishment saying that …

we’ve gone from the establishment saying that jeremy corbyn isn’t popular enough, to saying that jeremy corbyn is so popular that it’s a cult, to now having the establishment ask if there can be an army coup if he wins.

this is capitalism and the ruling class unmasked when the status quo is finally being challenged.

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Conservative Party leaflet from 2018:Alongside…

Some things never change.

Conservative Party leaflet from 1964:


Conservative Party leaflet from 2018:


Alongside pictures of Jeremy Corbyn and London mayor Sadiq Khan,
it warns Labour would turn it into “boroughs like Hackney, Newham,
Camden and Barking, rather than a traditional part of Essex”.

as the political spectrum continues to move fu…

as the political spectrum continues to move further and further to the right, a reminder that the labour mp jo cox was murdered by a man who had links to the far-right and believed leftists were the cause of the world’s problems. let’s also remember that the far-right terrorist who carried out the finsbury park attack wanted to assassinate jeremy corbyn.

meanwhile we have conservatives and centrists arguing that the so-called “hard-left” are dangerous because they want to protect the nhs from privatisation, want to stop the suffering of poor and disabled people because of cuts and austerity, and want to support policies that would end a rigged economic system that allows the 1% to hide their money away in tax havens whilst social
services crumble due to underfunding and a cruel conservative government.


if you look at the twitter profiles of people who tweet stuff about “taking back the labour party” from jeremy corbyn they usually also retweet conservative mps, use right-wing fearmongering about the labour left, never mention the devastation that the tories are causing, never focus on how to stop the tories, think that having a people-led movement to get the tories out is fascism, and frequently misrepresent what labour’s current policy regarding brexit is in order to sway voters away from labour. they’re not interested in actually stopping brexit or the tories, their aim is to get rid of corbyn and any leftist leaders.


there should indeed be healthy debate about ways to tackle brexit, but it’s become clear that these people are now using much of their arguments about brexit as just a cover to attack the labour left. aside from brexit, centrist/right-wingers are actually okay with 99% of what the tories have done to decimate the country that’s caused so much suffering. their actual issue has always been the leftist policies that a jeremy corbyn led labour party would enact. for them the left is a greater threat to their power than the conservatives.

that’s why the same people who say they can’t support labour because of brexit will still support blairite labour mps who abstained from voting against the conservatives’ welfare bill, or will vote for the libdems who formed a coalition with the conservatives and helped push through austerity. the same conservative party who called for the referendum in the first place.

these people don’t want to dismantle an unjust system, they just want to be in charge of it.

we’ve now reached the point where it’s being n…

we’ve now reached the point where it’s being normalised to discuss the removal of a democratically elected leftist leader like jeremy corbyn because he supports policies such as protecting the nhs, ending the suffering of poor and disabled people at the hands of the conservatives, and getting corporations to actually pay their taxes.

democracy is what’s under threat right now.

Melanie Phillips claims: “There [is] no equiva…

Melanie Phillips claims: “There [is] no equivalence between anti-Semitism and
Islamophobia. The former was a deranged demonisation of a people; the
latter was used to shut down debate.”The idea that Islamophobia is an entirely made-up concept specifically
designed to “silence legitimate criticism” misses the very real effects
of Islamophobia worldwide. In London there were 1,678 anti-Muslim hate
crimes committed in 2017, up 40 per cent from the year before. In March 2018, letters were sent
out in some cities announcing “Punish a Muslim” day. Sadiq Khan,
London’s mayor, has received an extraordinary and deplorable number of death threats for his Muslim faith.

While anti-Semitism is deeply pervasive, it is not the only type of
bigotry that exists. It is obviously possible to make a legitimate
critique of Islamist extremism or the behaviour of some Islamist or
Muslim-majority nations without resorting to Islamophobia. Similarly, it
is obviously possible to make a legitimate critique of the behaviour of
the state of Israel without resorting to anti-Semitism or anti-Semitic

Obviously, anti-Semitism is pernicious and still extant across many
communities, and some of its perpetrators are Muslims, just as many
perpetrators of Islamophobia, or misogyny or other types of racism are
Christians or Jews. [x]