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The reaction of the establishment media in den…

The reaction of the establishment media in denying its role in Islamophobia highlights exactly how complicit they are in perpetuating racism and xenophobia. The deflection of only talking about the role of social media ignores the fact that the media isn’t a detached passive observer of politics,
it’s an active participant. Its coverage has the capacity to legitimise and mobilise the far right.

Islamophobia does not exist on the fringes, it has been accepted and continually perpetuated by the mainstream media.

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these smears also attempt to connect any musli…

these smears also attempt to connect any muslim with terrorism, and to say that muslim victims of violence cannot even be acknowledged which further dehumanizes them.

meanwhile white supremacist fascist tommy robinson is celebrated as a “freedom fighter” and boris johnson is called “classy” by the media whilst muslim women are attacked on the streets because of his words.

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