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if you’re wondering how leftist leaders like jeremy corbyn are treated in the mass media just remember that at a time when the conservatives are responsible for the racist treatment of windrush citizens, the tories have voted down leveson 2 from going ahead, and the uk just abstained from the un vote to have an independent inquiry into israel’s killing of unarmed palestinian protestors… this made the news:


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The BBC has formally rejected complaints that …

The BBC has formally rejected complaints that its Newsnight programme Photoshopped an image of Jeremy Corbyn to make him look “more Russian”, insisting that the programme’s use of the picture was “impartial and fair”.

The corporation’s complaints unit said the decision to show a photo of the Labour
leader wearing a “Lenin-style cap” in front of the Moscow skyline was
not designed to convey an impression of pro-Russian sympathy on Corbyn’s
part but was in keeping with an editorial decision made on the basis of
“sound news judgment”.

Another reminder:

we’ve now reached the point where it’s being n…

we’ve now reached the point where it’s being normalised to discuss the removal of a democratically elected leftist leader like jeremy corbyn because he supports policies such as protecting the nhs, ending the suffering of poor and disabled people at the hands of the conservatives, and getting corporations to actually pay their taxes.

democracy is what’s under threat right now.