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The reaction of the establishment media in den…

The reaction of the establishment media in denying its role in Islamophobia highlights exactly how complicit they are in perpetuating racism and xenophobia. The deflection of only talking about the role of social media ignores the fact that the media isn’t a detached passive observer of politics,
it’s an active participant. Its coverage has the capacity to legitimise and mobilise the far right.

Islamophobia does not exist on the fringes, it has been accepted and continually perpetuated by the mainstream media.

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“Muslims are typically newsworthy when villain…

“Muslims are typically newsworthy when villains – not victims. And Islamophobia is perpetuated by portraying Muslims, whether victims or villains, as a faceless, nameless, and monolithic bloc.

These are only a handful of stories of the victims. The names,
the faces, and the short vignettes of longer profiles and aborted lives
that too often reduced into statistics. A dehumanised digit, or in this
case, two – 49 – that fails to capture the depth of the pain of
their loved ones, and more importantly, the depth of the lives that they

That depth of attention, a morbid journalistic twist indeed, is
usually reserved for the terrorist. And especially, when that terrorist
is a white male. We rush to learn about their every word and motive,
childhood factoid and ideological inspiration. And the mainstream media
makes all of this readily available for us, in turn luring our attention
towards the villain and away from the victims.

If white supremacist violence and its broader aim of promoting
itself through baiting the media in the wake of mass murder is to be
retrenched, we must actively resist sharing, retweeting, and
perpetuating the images and ideas. Turning our attention to the victims
and celebrating their lives in the midst of grief is the first – and
most vital – step.”

– Khaled Beydoun

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A 1989 C-SPAN interview where Bernie Sanders s…

A 1989 C-SPAN interview where Bernie Sanders states that the world is already facing an ecological crisis. Bernie also says that there should be programs with scientists discussing environmental issues and educating people, but because the media is owned by conglomerates only interested in making money these issues have been ignored. Again, this is from 1989.

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