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thought we needed some more appropriate music …

thought we needed some more appropriate music (original)


im currently sat in the same room as ed miliband ama



u know a lot of may’s troubles could be avoided if she just told people attending meetings to put their papers in folders


absolutely roasted


did vince cable actually do anything as leader of the fib dems ? asking for a friend


catch malcolm turnball crying n comfort eating in bed tonight but instead of eating normal food he’ll be knocking back the raw onions


not ukpol but good luck to anyone getting their a level results tomorrow!! remember: a levels wont matter when the revolution comes

…still wanna get straight A*s tho


makes me glad i never got around to watching blackadder. mr bean is Cancelled


theresa may/jeremy corbyn fanfic reviews

ask and you shall recieve

installment one 6/8/18


-says may is a vampire hunter while corbyn is the vampire – out of character, may is obviously related to count dracula. bram stoker would tell you so.

-dodgy grammar.

-“Jeremy laughed at her justification, telling her, “Is that why you constantly eye fuck me during PMQs?” – this took 10 years off my life

-paints jez as a dom – i love him but he’s blatantly a bottom

-corbyn!!! eats her out!!!!

-would have been a 10/10 if it didn’t kill me on the spot

-weirdly informal third person

-spends a lot of time going over GE2017 – i think it’s safe to say if they’re reading a jez/may fanfic, they know about the election

-jez immediately slides in and slips his hand up her skirt what the fuuuuuck

-feel like this was turning into rape so i stopped reading, immediate 0/10. i’m not linking.


-the OG

-bad grammar

-some fucking Amazing one liners – “i’ve turned red as your party!”

-weird song lyrics

-ends with the words “never to be seen again” which is exactly what i want in a jeremy corbyn/theresa may fanfic



-says jez has a geography teacher stare which is scarily accurate

-weird speech thoughts with bad grammar

-“you socalist minx!”

-maybe jez should be flirting with may in order to get a soft brexit.



-may refers to farage as a “lizard faced man” and to trump as a “bloody cheeto” – ooc because irl she licks their bums. plus cheeto??? in the uk???

-too much boring monologuing.

-describes jez as having “many sexual conquests”. u right.

-basically sexy twister.

-“”It’s pinkish-brown.” Jeremy said as he stared into the Prime Minister’s clitoris.” why

-so much theresa may backstory. i don’t care that she has a geography degree.

-literally the least sexy smut i’d ever read.

-2/10. would have been 3/10 if trump had been described as a wotsit.

to be continued