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CENTRISM 101:Adolph Reed Jr., First Published …


Adolph Reed Jr., First Published in The Village Voice, Nov. 12, 1996

Their lapdog defense
of Big Bill highlights liberals’ willingness to sacrifice the poor and
to tout it as tough-minded compassion and an act of courage. Even before
Clinton won the Democratic nomination in 1992 this trait was visible,
especially among those policy-jock types who had begun to sense the
possibility of a Clinton victory and their impending opportunity to
consort with power. I got my wake-up call from a poverty-researcher
colleague who, on the eve of the Illinois primary, impatiently dismissed
my objections to Clinton’s having just executed black, impoverished,
and brain-damaged Rickey Ray Rector. She blew me off as naive for not
recognizing that any Democrat who hoped to win the presidency would have
to support capital punishment. “Easy for you to say,” I thought, but,
regrettably, was too polite to say out loud…

I’m sure that these good liberals would have explained away their
participation in that dehumanizing characterization as a strategic move;
their intention being the advancement of humane social policy within an
unfavorable political climate. However, their behavior exposes a deeper
truth about the political commitments on which this strain of
liberalism rests: This is a politics motivated by the desire for
proximity to the ruling class and a belief in the basic legitimacy of
its power and prerogative. It is a politics which, despite all its
idealist puffery and feigned nobility, will sell out any allies or
egalitarian objectives in pursuit of gaining the Prince’s ear.

“A working group has been reviewing party pro…


working group has been reviewing party procedures to identify how they
can be made more efficient and robust. Our new General Secretary Jennie
Formby reported on our work at the last National Executive Committee
meeting, which was received positively. I look forward to bringing our
final recommendations.

When I have faced antisemitism, whether
within or outside of our movement, Jeremy has been an ally, Jennie has
been an ally, as have many other Labour comrades.”

 – Rhea Wolfson, Labour NEC CLP rep.

W.E.B Du Bois argued that the ideology of whit…

W.E.B Du Bois argued that the ideology of white supremacy prevented black and white workers from uniting, to the detriment of both. The result of this was that wages of both could be kept low by the white supremacist capitalist ruling class.

In 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. begun to organize the Poor People’s Campaign.
It was a multiracial effort aimed at alleviating
poverty regardless of race in order to build the network needed to
achieve the goal of redistributing political and economic power. King
had shifted his focus to these issues after observing
that gains in civil rights had not improved the material conditions of
life for many African Americans. Just as King was beginning this
campaign he was assassinated.

In his final speech King stated: “Now, let me say as I move to my conclusion that we’ve got to give
ourselves to this struggle until the end. Nothing would be more tragic
than to stop at this point, in Memphis. We’ve got to see it through. And
when we have our march, you need to be there. Be concerned about your
brother. You may not be on strike. But either we go up together, or we
go down together.“


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Conservative Party leaflet from 2018:Alongside…

Some things never change.

Conservative Party leaflet from 1964:


Conservative Party leaflet from 2018:


Alongside pictures of Jeremy Corbyn and London mayor Sadiq Khan,
it warns Labour would turn it into “boroughs like Hackney, Newham,
Camden and Barking, rather than a traditional part of Essex”.

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