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As migrant and BAME groups in Britain, we reaf…

As migrant and BAME groups in Britain, we reaffirm our fundamental right
to the freedom of expression, and publicly to express our anxieties
about the suppression of information on the history and lived experience
of our communities.

“We are deeply worried about current attempts to silence a public
discussion of what happened in Palestine and to the Palestinians in
1948, when the majority of its people were forcibly expelled. These
facts are well established and accessible, are part of the British
historical record, as well as the direct experience of the Palestinian
people themselves. The Palestinian community in the UK has raised the
disturbing absence of key information about these past and current
injustices, and highlighted the racism it exposes then and now.

Public discussion of these facts, and a description of these injustices,
would be prohibited under the IHRA’s guidelines, and therefore
withholds vital knowledge from the public. This silencing has already
begun. Today we can freely describe the racist policies experienced in
the era of British and European colonialism in our countries of origin
(indeed it is taught in British schools), but the colonial history of
the Palestinians is continually erased. This is a dangerous breach of
our own rights, and of the wider British public: we must all hear the
full story of the Palestinians in order to make sense of the current
discussions about racism and Israel.

We also know of the efforts by organisations – including UK-based
fundamentalist groups aligned with the far-right in the US – to deny
Palestinians’ basic humanity by suppressing their entire history and
current plight. At the same time, hard-line conservative groups in the
US, such as the Middle East Forum, are providing funding and support to
anti-Muslim extremist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson),
deliberately increasing hatred, fear, and confusion. These coordinated
efforts by right-wing extremists are being actively encouraged by
President Trump’s racism and fear-mongering, which is now aimed at
dismantling UNRWA, the UN agency that protects Palestinian refugees.

We urgently remind politicians and public bodies of their
responsibilities to uphold the principles of the Human Rights Act for
every British citizen and resident in the UK equally, especially the
direct victims of colonialism, racism, and discrimination. As migrant
and BAME communities we stand as one, united against all attempts to
suppress our voices and our calls for justice, freedom and equality.”


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“Always, racist tropes about people of color a…

“Always, racist tropes about people of color are ones that are used to
keep the white working class from siding with other people in the
working class and looking more toward ideas that the ruling class has as
being of their own, which explains poor white people siding with Trump.
The racist ideas have a utility. That’s the reason why they exist. They
have a utility under this system, and that utility allows a large group
of working-class folks to feel more allied with rich white people than
poor people of other ethnicities.” – Boots Riley

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for neoliberals, the democratic party being asked to shift even an inch to the left is too much. their fight against the left has always been about stopping legislation and policies that would ensure things like single-payer healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and ending corporate donations. neoliberals would rather embrace fascism than anything that’s even associated with socialism.


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